Spring Hill, Hernando County Hearing Aid Providers for Cigna insurance –overview of hearing aid coverage

We at Gardner Audiology are often asked “Does my insurance cover the cost of hearing aids?”  While there’s not one blanket answer, many Cigna plans do offer benefits or discounts towards the purchase of hearing aids! We see many Cigna members at all our 10 locations, but our Spring hill office is a popular destination for many patients. 
Because every plan is different, the amount of your discount/benefit will depend on what type of plan you have. Health insurance through an employer may have benefits, depending on the individual plan. Some patients have full coverage towards hearing aids with these plans, though sometimes you must meet a deductible first. Once the deductible is met, Cigna may provide coverage for hearing aids up to an average maximum of $1000 to $2000. 
Gardner Audiology Doctors are in-network providers for all Cigna plans. We can help you understand your hearing coverage! We invite you to make an appointment with our practice. Your first visit is complimentary. Our Doctor of Audiology teams will verify and review your benefits with you. Contact Gardner Audiology at (800) 277-1182 or email info@gardneraudiology.com 

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