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2020 has brought about many changes.  Some have been positive, such as advancements in technology, while others have created obstacles to overcome.  Gardner Audiology is current on the latest news and this blog will focus on a 2020 Hearing Aid News recap. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic this year, with most manufacturers integrating this technology into their hearing aids.  AI serves several different purposes.  It helps make smart decisions based on the listeners environment, which allows the hearing aids to automatically adapt with improved performance and accuracy.  It can also allow for health features such as step tracking, fall detection, language translation and more!   

Facemasks and Hearing Aids 

Facemasks have been one of the most challenging aspects for hearing aid users and people who are hard of hearing.  Not only do facemasks muffle speech, but they also eliminate crucial facial cues. Speech reading (lip reading) provides valuable information to help understand speech.  Traditional face masks eliminate these helpful cues and make it more difficult.  Patients who had been ‘getting by’ before have found themselves struggling more with conversation.  One solution is having loved ones wear clear masks or shields to have access to these cues, or considering a trial with hearing aids if you haven’t already.   

Facemasks also make it easier to lose hearing aids!  Most hearing aid users have hearing aids that go behind the ear, and mask removal can easily dislodge the hearing aid.  It is important to carefully remove your mask in a controlled environment, such as in your car or in your house, rather than in the parking lot!  Some patients have decided to go with custom in the ear hearing aids to help eliminate this potential problem. 

Remote Hearing Aid Care 

COVID-19 spurred the majority of hearing aid manufacturers to integrate remote hearing aid care into their hearing aids and apps.  If you have a smart phone compatible hearing aid, chances are you can receive remote adjustments from the comfort of your own home.  Although this does not take the place of a trip into the office, it can help eliminate how often you are having to schedule an in-person appointment! 

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