South Pasadena Audiologist Sees and Corrects Hearing Aid Problems with Real Ear Measurements

Hearing is such an important part of life for many people.  When being fit with hearing aids, why leave to chance if those devices are fit properly for you?  

Hearing aids come from the manufacturer with suggested settings based on your hearing loss.  These settings are based on averages taken from many individuals.  This information is compiled and settings are applied that they believe will benefit most patients.  As we know, not everyone is the same, and no two ears are alike! 

This is where Real Ear Measurements (REM) come into play.  During real ear measurements, a small microphone is placed in the ear canal along with the hearing aid.  This allows your Audiologist to see exactly what your hearing aid is doing in your ear, and set it to your prescription.  REM leaves nothing to chance and ensures you are hearing everything you need to. 

This service is not widely offered, and is a great question to ask when you are looking for a provider.  Gardner Audiology in South Pasadena, Florida performs Real Ear Measurements at every hearing aid fitting.  They also use it to provide second opinions to existing hearing aid users.  To schedule an appointment, contact Gardner Audiology at 800-277-1182 or 

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