My Son Was Fit With Starkey Hearing Aids three Weeks Before School Starts

Many of you already know the story of my son, NS. Have your heard the story of my other son, AS?
AS’s hearing loss was diagnosed when he was three years of age after noticing an increase in the “what?” and “I didn’t hear you” comments.

A little back story… AS had passed his newborn hearing screening and developed normal speech and language. After his brother, NS, was born, we started noticing that he wasn’t responding as well as he had been. AS has BOR (Branchio-Oto-Renal) syndrome (a syndrome that can affect hearing, kidneys and the neck). He was taken into the office and found to have a mild hearing loss in the right ear and moderate hearing loss in the left ear. AS was subsequently fit with Starkey S Series IQ 11 behind the ear hearing aids, in bright red! He responded well at home in preschool.

Fast forward five years and it was time to start thinking about upgrading the technology in his hearing aids. AS is heading into third grade which will mean an increase in the type of listening environments he encounters. Therefore, AS will be coming into the Gardner Audiology Crystal River office tomorrow for a hearing exam and to be fit with Starkey Series 3 i110 Receiver-in-the-Canal hearing aids. Based on reviews by patients and our very own Dan Gardner, I am hopeful that the hearing aids will be up to the challenge of an active third grader.

Additionally, AS enjoys running. He is hoping to start track this year at school. I sure hope the hearing aids are up to some Florida heat and humidity on this active guy!

I’ll keep you posted on how AS does with his new Series 3 hearing aids. School starts in THREE WEEKS!!!

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