Four simple tips for talking to people with hearing loss.

1. Say Their Name

  • Get the attention of the person with hearing loss by saying their name to let them know that you are speaking to them and so they know they need to listen

2. Use Clear Speech

  • Practice speaking a little slower, louder, and clearer
  • Leave short pauses between important phrases
  • Stay natural, move your mouth like you do normally, and do not shout
  • Give clear directions

3. Shorten the Distance

  • Start speaking within 1-3 feet of the person
  • Face the person when talking to them (especially in noisy locations)
  • Do not try to speak to the person from another room

4. Be Patient

  • Listening is hard for those with hearing loss
  • Wait for the person to respond
  • They will tire earlier and it will take more effort to compose responses
  • Be positive and encouraging

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