What are the signs of your hearing Loss?

Are you unsure if you need a hearing aid? Not sure where to start? For many individuals, hearing loss occurs gradually. It can be easy to not notice you are having difficulty hearing. Here are some common reports we receive from patients that have not had their hearing tested before:

  • People sound like they are mumbling
  • I can hearing people talking, but can’t understand
  • My family says I am asking them to repeat more
  • I am having to turn the TV volume up
  • It is difficult to hear in a noisy place
  • It is hard to hear someone from a distance

These are all common concerns for someone with hearing loss. If you feel any of these concerns apply to you, the first step is to have your hearing tested by a Doctor of Audiology. At Gardner Audiology, we can determine if your hearing is at a point where hearing aids could help. Sometimes your difficulties hearing could be related to ear wax, other times it can be resolved by a referral to a medical doctor. If you do need hearing aids, we can help you with that too! Our Audiologists provide recommendations based on you and your specific results.

To schedule your free consultation with a Doctor of Audiology, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email info@gardneraudiology.com today!

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