Significant Other Encourages Better Hearing

P.V was initially seen in October of 2013 as part of an Open House. He had a slight difference in hearing between ears, but it was noted that he had a significant difference between ears for word understanding. It was recommended he be seen by his primary care physician for medical clearance before proceeding with hearing aids. P.V agreed with this recommendation and when he returned in January 2014, he had had an MRI which was negative and he could proceed with hearing aids.

When P.V returned, he was insistent that he had no hearing loss and wasn’t sure he needed hearing aids. He states “I can hear the t.v. just fine”. His wife was sitting behind him shaking her head no. He agreed to try, for her. P.V. was fit with Starkey Ignite 20 hearing aids the following week.

At his fit, P.V. was still reticent about trying the hearing aids. I counseled him regarding his difficulties of hearing in restaurants and hearing his wife. At each follow up, over the next four weeks, he reports hearing better, but still not sure he needed them. His wife continually encouraged and would remind him that the TV volume was turned down significantly and he was hearing better in most restaurants. P.V. ultimately decided to purchase the hearing aids for these reason.

It is always important to have supportive significant others. I am hoping that P.V. will continue to wear the hearing aids and will really start enjoying them. We follow up in two months.

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