Signia’s new Mask Mode overcome the muffled speech of Mask Wearers in Zephyrhills

Did you know the Signia app has a new feature call Mask Mode? Did you know it can help you understand a person with a mask on?   

The pandemic affected everyone’s lives, especially social distancing, and wearing a mask around others. But this can be more difficult for someone of hard of hearing because people’s voices tend to sound muffled and softer. Luckily, Signia’s hearing aid users now have the option on their app to better understand people with masks on. This Mask Mode enables the hearing aids to target speech parameters better and aggressively lower background noise, which will result in better speech understanding. You can easily activate and deactivate the Mask Mode by a click of the button next to the universal volume slider. The option will be available throughout the pandemic.   

In order to use the Mask Mode you will need an iPhone: iOS 11 or later and Android 6.0 or later.  

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