Signia Styletto Hearing Aid Pricing in Palm Harbor, Florida

The Signia Styletto X is a great hearing aid for people wanting a device that doesn’t look like a hearing aid!  Featuring a slim design in trendy colors, the Styletto has transformed the idea of what a hearing aid ‘should’ look like.  It is also rechargeable and phone compatible! Gardner Audiology in Palm Harbor, Florida is an authorized Signia Styletto provider!  The below pricing is for different models of the Styletto, ranging from a very advanced model to a more basic option.  This pricing includes a fitting with a Doctor of Audiology and 90 days of follow up care, 3-year repair warranty, 3-year loss and damage insurance, and an annual covered visit while under warranty.

Signia Styletto 7x Signia Styletto 5x Signia Styletto 3x Signia Styletto 1x
$2600 $2200 $1800 $1200
(per aid) (per aid) (per aid) (per aid)


*Pricing is for receiver-in-canal (RIC) style only. 
*Risk-free trial offered to all patients. 
*Pricing honored at Gardner Audiology’s Palm Harbor location through *March 31, 2021* 

Have more questions about the Signia Styletto or othe signia productsFor more information, contact Gardner Audiology in Palm Harbor, Florida at 800-277-1182 or 

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