Signia Hearing Aids new Mask Mode in Spring Hill, Florida

Do you currently wear Signia’s hearing aid? Are you having trouble understanding people with a mask on? If so, then have you heard of Signia’s new Mask Mode?

If you are wearing hearing aids, you probably have difficulty understanding people with masks on since you rely on hearing and reading their lips. Fortunately, Signia updated their app with their new revolutionary Mask Mode for hearing aid users who have trouble understanding people with masks. This feature will temporarily tune-up your hearing aids by capturing the speech signal’s sound, so the words are more transparent, and any background noise is reduced to help you understand. This feature should remove the muffled sound without having the person remove their mask. To activate the Mask Mode in the Signia app, while in the Universal hearing program, you must click the face mask icon next to the volume slider.

The new Mask Mode button is available for specific Signia hearing aids: Styletto X, Pure Charge&Go, and Pure 312 X. Make sure your phone runs the latest operating system: iPhone: iOS 11 or later and Android 6.0 or later.

For more information about the Signia hearing aids, please visit Dr. Conter today at the Spring Hill, Gardner Audiology office at 13005 Spring Hill Dr. Call 1-352-556-5257 or email

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