Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid Review

Is the Signia Active Pro a hearing aid or a good quality bluetooth earbud? Based on my first hand experience it does a good job of doing both.

Regular hearing aids will function like a bluetooth device that streams phone calls and music directly from your phone through the aids. In my opinion the quality of the sound from the phone through the hearing aids is not as rich as the sound that comes through a strong bluetooth earbud. This is especially true for tiny hearing aids that hide inside the canal. During my 40+ year career in the hearing industry I’ve tried all styles and brands of hearing aids.

Instead of hiding the Active Pro inside the ear canal Signia camouflaged it as a very small bluetooth earpiece. The end result is a device that is both a premium  sounding custom prescription hearing aid and a rich sounding bluetooth device.  I have had people compliment me on the streamline appearance of what they think are my bluetooth earbuds.

Just like other premium hearing aids these have directional microphones for noise suppression and they can be discretely adjusted and managed by your smart phone. I have very small ear canals but the Active Pro fits comfortably in my ears. So much so that I forget I’m wearing them. I often wear these all day long instead of my other hearing aids. The Active Pro is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts all day even when I’m listening to videos and phone calls for many hours.
If you have a hearing loss and also enjoy using Bluetooth devices you might want to give these hearing aids a try. I’ve enjoyed wearing them.

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