See a Gardner Hearing Doctor, Not a Salesman, for Hearing Aids in Tampa, Florida


Hearing aid technology has come a long way in recent years! Gone are the days of big, clunky hearing aids. Today’s hearing aids are very sleek and stylish, and most patients are surprised at how discreet and small they can be! However, even though hearing aids have advanced in technology, it is still recommended that you see a doctor, not a salesman, to ensure proper fit and programming of your hearing aids.  

Gardner Audiology, with a location in the Citrus Park area of Tampa, FL always keeps each patient top of mind, rather than trying to close a sale. Our main priority is the well-being and satisfaction of the patients! Whether you are in need of your first pair of hearing aids, or currently have hearing aids that are not working, the Doctors of Audiology at Gardner Audiology can walk you through the process and provide recommendations as needed.  

Many insurance companies are now offering some sort of hearing aid benefit, or discounted pricing, for their members. Gardner Audiology is an in-network provider for most insurances! Our insurance team can verify your benefits and give you accurate information for your visit.  

Seeing a Gardner Hearing Doctor, and not a salesman, can make all the difference in your experience with hearing aids. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment to discuss hearing aids, please contact Gardner Audiology in Citrus Park, Tampa, FL at 1-800-277-1182, or visit 

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