Save money and time: Maintain your Hearing Aids

If you are considering purchasing hearing aids for the first time you may be wondering what kind of care and maintenance you will be responsible for in the years to come. At Gardner Audiology, we understand that many of our patients live busy lives and may not have time for constant cleaning or follow-up appointments so we keep it as simple as possible. Let’s review what the doctors at our Tampa, St. Pete, and Clearwater offices suggest:

At-home Cleaning

Good news! New hearing aids are extremely easy for most of our patients to clean at home.

Wipe your hearing aids off at night with a soft cloth.

  • Why? This helps to keep wax and other residue under control.

Brush the microphones every few days (brush is provided with your hearing aids).

  • Why? Helps avoid microphone clogs from dirt and debris.

Change wax filters as needed (typically every few months).

  • Why? Trapped wax can change the sound quality.

Maintenance and Appointments

These follow-up appointments are recommended after your hearing aids are fitted:

Clean and checks every 6 months

  • Why? An Audiology Assistant will clean your hearing aids with suction, change the wax filters and domes, clean under the microphone covers and perform a listening check on your hearing aids. Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your hearing aids and ensures you are hearing the best you can.

Hearing Screening every 12- 18 months (performed when you come in for a 6-month cleaning)

  • Why? It’s important to track changes in your hearing so your hearing aid can be adjusted.

Follow-ups as needed

  • After a hearing aid fitting, we are always here to help you when you need us. If you have concerns or notice changes, a doctor is happy to see you to solve the problem!

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