How to save money on hearing aids In Tampa Bay

For many people, high cost is a major factor when deciding whether to purchase a new set of hearing aids. Hearing aids are known for being expensive and it can be difficult to understand why costs are high. Consumers can save money, even up to $1000 or $2000 on a pair of hearing aids, if they understand what goes into the cost of a hearing aid and know what to discuss with their provider.

Why are hearing aids so expensive

High Hearing aid pricing is frequently (and unfortunately) an unnecessary “packaged deal”
The main reason hearing aids are expensive is that you are not just paying for the device itself. Instead, you are paying for a package of services that you may or may not need. Higher cost hearing aids typically include around 3 years of unlimited services, (which can include programming, cleaning and hearing checks), supplies needed for your hearing aids, generous warranties, and more.

Advertising may be misleading for a set of hearing aids
Most patients need two hearing aids. So, when low pricing is advertised, many times it is for just one aid. This can get confusing and leads consumers feeling like the prices they were quoted were very high. Make sure to ask your provider if the cost includes one or two devices.

Technology considerations.
Over the past few years, hearing aid technology has become very advanced. Bluetooth hearing aids can now be adjusted from your phone, stream phone calls and music, self-adjust based on environmental sampling, measure your heart rate and so much more. As with any device, advanced technology can be costly. However, if technology is not important to you, you may be able to cut costs by considering a lower level device and request custom pricing depending on your needs.

How to find the best hearing aid value.

Have an insurance specialist verify your benefits.
Many people are unaware that they have some type of benefit or discount which can make a huge difference in cost. One of our specialists at Gardner Audiology would be happy to help.

Avoid large retail sites and see a Doctor of Audiology.
Large big box stores have cheaper hearing aids but for several hundred dollars more you could get the services of a doctor of audiology. When it comes to your health it is important to see a hearing doctor. At Gardner Audiology, the doctors’ top priority is to help you hear- not to sell you a device.

Consider your budget and be up-front about it at your appointment.
We offer a wide variety of choices and can help you find something that works. If you want to save up to 20% on the price of hearing aids, ask your provider if they will unbundle the hearing aids from unnecessary follow up care.

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