Rock n’ Roll Roadie Recommends Hearing Aids

Henry Smith recently thanked me for helping him hear better with Starkey Wi 110 hearing aids. The pleasure was mine. He is a veteran of the music industry and is on a first name basis with many rock n’ roll legends. His satisfaction confirms the advanced sound quality of new hearing aid technology.

During a recent interview he told me, “I am what they call a glorified baby sitter. I work for rock n’ roll bands as a tour manager.”

“What bands have you worked with?”

“I started out with a band called the Yardbirds in 1967. I went to Led Zeppelin after that. I did John Lennon. I did Abba. Did Aerosmith for many years and a few other bands.”

“Where are you noticing the biggest improvement with these Starkey hearing aids?”

“Just in general all round everyday use. I am not asking people twice what they said and they’re not getting upset with me from repeating themselves.”

“Would you recommend Starkey to your friends?”

“Yes, without a doubt and I already have. I have told every musician that I have worked with since I have got them about what a change it makes and how it also helps with my tinnitus. It (hearing aids) doesn’t get rid it but tones it down so it is not the prevalent thing going on in my brain.”

I have enjoyed working with Henry and he introduced me to the Pano Tuner IPhone App that he used to subjectively validate the pitch quality of his Starkey aids.

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