Review of the Signia Pure Charge&Go Nx Rechargeable Hearing Aids

It’s true, your own voice will sound a bit different to you when you’re wearing hearing aids. Many patients adjust to this difference over a short period of time, but others take longer to adjust. If you have been wearing hearing aids and are struggling to adjust to the sound quality of your own voice, it may be time to try Signia Pure Charge&Go hearing aids! 

Signia is one of the major hearing aid manufacturers, and has developed technology that allows for a natural sounding quality for your own voice. At Gardner Audiology in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, our patients have been very satisfied with the results of this “own voice” technology. All it takes is just a quick calibration and you’re off and running! 

These hearing aids are also rechargeable, and offer Bluetooth connectivity. The charging system uses a Li-ion battery, which is standard among rechargeable hearing aids now. The charger is small and incredibly user-friendly. With Bluetooth technology, these Signia Pure hearing aids can connect to a smartphone, allowing for some remote control by the patient! Depending on the model of smartphone, your phone calls and music may be able to be streamed directly to your hearing aids! 

Pure Tampa Bay patients have been consistently satisfied with their Signia Pure Charge&Go hearing aids. Several insurance companies are now offering benefits for Signia hearing aids, which many patients have been taking advantage of! If you’d like to discuss your hearing aid benefits or have additional questions, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email to schedule an appointment.  

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