Review of Phonak’s Pediatric Sky M50 Hearing Aid

Phonak is a major contributor to pediatric hearing aids.  Pediatric hearing aids differ from adult hearing aids in several ways.  Hearing aids for kids are tamper proof, making it so only adults can get ahold of the battery of the hearing aid.  They also have specific programming options specific to children’s learning goals.  They have coded lights that allow adults to ensure the devices are working properly.  And the best part, they come in fun colors! 

The Sky Marvel 50 from Phonak is a behind-the-ear hearing aid.  BTEs are often used for kids because their ears are still growing.  They also tend to be more durable than other types of hearing aids.  The M50 is smartphone and tablet compatible, so they can connect to your child’s technology to allow easy streaming.  They can direct connect to Roger FM systems, commonly used in school settings.  Rechargeable options are also available. 

One disadvantage of the Sky M50 is currently it is not offered in a receiver-in-canal (RIC) style, which some older children prefer to use.  We will be on the lookout to see if Phonak’s newest line, the Paradise, will launch a Sky Paradise and how that will differ from the Marvel! 

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