Review of Hearing Aid Apps

Many of the hearing aids available today offer connectivity to an app created by the manufacturers.  These apps are available at no cost for both Apple and Android products, depending on the model.  Some patients have asked “why would I need an app?”.  This is a great question as it may not be something you thought about during the process of getting hearing aids.   

Each of the manufacturers have a different app with some variation in the tools available.  When connecting your hearing aids to an app through Bluetooth, the app can function like a remote control for the devices.  Patients have the ability to adjust the volume of the hearing aids and change programs visually on the phone, instead of or in addition to using the manual controls, like buttons, on the hearing aids.   

Some apps give patients the opportunity to create custom programs on their own and adjust frequencies to an extent.  There are also functions that can allow patients to interact with their audiologist using remote programming.  Through this feature, patients can request an adjustment which would be sent to the audiologist.  The audiologist then has the ability to make an adjustment, if appropriate, and send it back to the patient’s app to be downloaded.  This can save you a visit to the office!  

These features mentioned are just some of the tools available in the apps.  Though the hearing aids can function on their own without use of an app, connecting to the apps can offer additional assistance and access to unique features.  It is important to note that the hearing aids can be disconnecting from the apps at any time if you no longer want to use them.  Below are some of the latest apps available from the major manufacturers: 

Phonak – myPhonak 

Starkey – Thrive Hearing Control 

Resound – Resound Smart 3D 

Oticon – Oticon On 

Widex – Widex Moment 

Signia – Signia App 

For more information on compatibility with an app or connecting your hearing aids to an app, contact Gardner Audiology at 800-277-1182 or visit to schedule an appointment.  

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