Returned to Gardner Audiology in Zephyrhills after 3 years of disappointment with another provider.

SS has been coming Gardner Audiology office in Zephyrhills for 20 years. He has purchased multiple hearing aids from us over the years however, 3 years ago, SS saw his Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist and was referred to his audiologist. He purchased a set of hearing aids from her at that time. A couple of years later he came back to Gardner Audiology very unhappy with his hearing and understanding ability with those aids. Unfortunately I could not support these aids so I sent him back to the point of purchase for needed adjustments.

In February of this year, SS came in asking if new hearing aids would help him communicate better. He was so unhappy with his three year old hearing aids that he was beginning to withdraw socially. I offered to let him trial a set of Starkey Wi110 receiver in the canal hearing aids and he accepted. This was a big change for him, as he always insisted on in the ear hearing aids in the past.

He was fitted and returned in one week thrilled with the improvement in hearing and understanding. He loves the flexibility of using the remote control to adjust the aids and purchased the hearing aids and remote. He described marked improvement in every listening situation!

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