What retirement plans that offer hearing aid benefits.

Gardner Audiology often works with patients having insurance benefits through their retirement plans or unions. While insurance typically does not pay for hearing aids, some retirement plans or unions offer benefits for their retirees. Some are administered through an insurance company, such as BCBS or United Healthcare, but the benefit comes from the union or retirement plan. Some examples of this are United Auto Workers (UAW), United Mine Workers of America (UMWA), Michigan retired pubic school employees, NYSHIP – The Empire Plan, and Federal Employee Program/Government Wide. Each of these retirement plans offers hearing aid benefits. These benefits can range from a dollar amount such as NYSHIP $1500 per ear or FEP $2500 to a percentage, such as Michigan retired public school workers 90%. Most plans have a maximum amount, although a few do not. The maximum allowable amount can vary depending on what state the claim is filed in. Some of these benefits are administered directly from the union and require you to pay for the hearing aids and send them the paid receipt.

The above listed are just a few sample retirement plans and there are many more. Often patients come to us not even realizing they have a hearing aid benefit. Navigating the insurance waters can be tricky, confusing, and time consuming. One wrong move and your claim will be denied and it can be difficult finding the reason for the denial. The staff members at Gardner Audiology are well versed in uncovering benefits. We are happy to check your insurance benefits for you. We will also ensure we follow your plan’s protocol to insure maximum, prompt payment.

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