Resound One 9 Hearing Aid Review

The Resound One 9 is considered one of ReSound’s top-of-the-line hearing aids. The One line comes in a variety of technology levels staring from 5, which is considered an entry level hearing aid and goes to 9, which is their top-of-the-line hearing aid. This level of technology has advanced features such as All Access Directionality, Ultra Focus, and has unique sounds in their tinnitus programs.

The All Access Directionality is a program that actively identifies and helps you concentrate on the speech you want to hear while suppressing other noises in the background. Ultra Focus is a program that focuses on speech the most while in a tough listening situation. One reason why ReSound hearing aids are different from other hearing aid manufacturers is because of their options for tinnitus maskers. Traditionally, hearing aids have limited options for their tinnitus masking sounds but ReSound has options like calm ocean waves, forest sounds, and rainfall. ReSound also has a free app made specifically for tinnitus relief.

Another difference between ReSound’s hearing aids compared to other manufacturers is their receiver (speaker). ReSound’s receiver is the only receiver that has a built-in microphone and is designed to collect sound that mimics the way we hear sound naturally. This new design also allows users to easily identify which side the sound is coming from.

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