ReSound hearing aid repair in South Pasadena, Pinellas County, Florida

ReSound is a part of the Danish company, GN Store Nord. US headquarters are based in Bloomington, Minnesota and its products are widely distributed and well known. We at Gardner Audiology have years of experience with this company and have a good working relationship with their customer service.

In the event your ReSound hearing aid needs repair, we can help. First, we will determine the symptoms and look to remedy the problem in office, including looking into the ear canal for wax impaction, which can cause reduced hearing. Many times, a thorough cleaning solves the problem. A clog in the speaker or a wax-plugged ear mold can prevent sound. Other things we look at are the microphone cover and condition of battery contacts. For receiver in the canal devices a frayed or broken wire can prevent normal functioning. Something as simple as a dead battery or a battery placed in upside down can be the problem. If we are not able to repair your hearing aid in office, we use overnight delivery to send it to the manufacturer for repair. For your peace of mind, we use tracking numbers to follow your hearing aid to and return from repair.

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