Research Shows Hearing Aids May Lower Risk of Mortality

A recent article in The Hearing Review discusses a study from Keck Medicine of USC that found adults with hearing loss who used hearing aids on a regular basis had a 24% lower risk of mortality than those who never wore them.

According to Dr. Janet Choi, the lead researcher of the study, who is an otolaryngologist, “These results are exciting because they suggest that hearing aids may play a protective role in people’s health and prevent early death.” While there is much research that shows the link between untreated hearing loss and social isolation, depression, and cognitive decline, there has been little research that looks at if using hearing aids can lower the risk of death.

The study did not examine why hearing aids may help those who need them live longer, but Dr. Choi points to recent research linking hearing aid use with lowered levels of depression and dementia. She believes it is possible that improved hearing leads to improved mental health and cognition, thus promoting better overall health, which may improve life span.

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Here is a link to the study:

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