Who Repairs Starkey Hearing Aids in Clearwater, Florida?

When your Starkey hearing aid sounds quiet or muffled, or just stops working, it may be difficult do decide what to do next. The best first steps are always to make sure your hearing aids have fresh batteries and that they are inserted correctly. Often your hearing aid provider will also show you how to change the wax filter in your hearing aid which can commonly get plugged with wax. These two steps can improve the sound quality of the hearing aid in most situations; however, if nothing changes, or you are unable to change your wax filter yourself, it is time to call your audiologist.

Due to the nature of technology, there are many parts to a Starkey hearing aid that can wear down with time and use. Fortunately, most Starkey hearing aids have parts that your audiologist can easily clean or replace in the office. During a hearing aid check, the malfunctioning part(s) of the hearing aid will be determined through a process of elimination that also allows the audiologist to better understand how to fix it. If the damage is found to be in an internal component such as the circuitry or microphones, or if a custom hearing aid shell is damaged beyond repair, the audiologist may decide that the best course of action will be to send the hearing aid back to the manufacturer in Minnesota. There, Starkey’s expert technician will test all parts of the hearing aid and replace any damaged components before returning it to you.

Manufacturer repairs are covered under your hearing aid warranty and complete replacement is also covered under your loss and damage warranty. Replacements are generally subject to a deductible which is significantly less than the cost of purchasing a whole new hearing aid. If your hearing aid happens to be out of warranty, your Clearwater Gardner audiologist will discuss repair costs and other options before sending it off so that you can be sure you are making the best decision.

For instructional videos on how to clean and care for your Starkey hearing aids, including how to change wax filters, please visit our website at: gardneraudiology.com or call 1-800-277-1182.

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