Should You Repair or Replace Old Hearing Aids

R.H. has been a long time patient in the Crystal River office. He had been wearing an older model Starkey hearing aid and one had quit working. We discussed options for repair or trialing newer hearing aids, as he has hearing aid benefits through his insurance. He opted to trial a new pair of hearing aids and was fit with Starkey Ignite 20 the following week.

At his first follow up R.H. stated that these hearing aids must be much more sensitive as he was hearing things he had not heard in a long time. He stated he did not want to make any changes as he was not distracted, rather intrigued by all the sounds. His second follow-up went as well and again requested no changes be made. R.H. stated if he does not experience any problems in the next week, he will gladly pay his portion. “No need to drag it out”.

In this situation, having insurance benefits to cover some of the cost helped to make his decision. Depending on the age of your hearing aids, trailing a new pair may be more cost effective. Keep this in mind the next time your hearing aids need repair.

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