Real Time Internet Hearing Aid Adjustment

Patient L.C visited me today for a 4 month maintenance on his hearing aids. During this visit he shared that he was struggling to hear in church, at meetings and some other environments. He wanted more volume from his hearing aids. No audiologist was in the office today so instead of him having to come back for another appointment to make adjustments, I accessed the services of a Gardner audiologist in a remote office.

I connected his hearing aids to my computer. The Gardner audiologist who was 60 miles away accessed my computer via the internet and was able to speak to the patient face to face. She was also able to remotely make all the required adjustments to his hearing aids and, she confirmed that he was comfortable with the change.

Once we were done, he stated how impressive he was with me. I was very pleased because he said it was fantastic that we were able to adjust his hearing aids with an immediate real time remote service.

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