Where Is the Best Place to Get a Hearing Test in Clearwater, FL?

Many times, people put off getting a hearing test because they don’t think their hearing is ‘that bad’, or they simply don’t know where to go for an accurate hearing test! Even if you don’t feel you are ready for hearing aids yet, it is important to know the status of your hearing and ways you can potentially protect it moving forward.

When you are ready to have your hearing tested, Gardner Audiology recommends consulting with a Doctor of Audiology. Our Audiologist in Clearwater, FL will perform an accurate hearing test, and can review the results and recommendations with you. They will be able to determine if you need a referral to a medical doctor for anything related to your hearing and can also provide recommendations regarding your specific hearing solutions as an individual. If hearing aids are an option to improve your hearing, they can also discuss that with you. If you are a candidate for potential surgical implants, such as a cochlear implant or bone-anchored hearing instrument, they have the education to discuss that with you as well!

At Gardner Audiology, we want our patients to feel comfortable and confident regarding their hearing. To schedule your free consultation with a Doctor of Audiology, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email info@gardneraudiology.com today!

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