Pinellas County, Florida Hearing Aid Providers for United Healthcare insurance – overview of Benefits

If you have a United Healthcare insurance plan, there is good news regarding your hearing coverage. Most United Healthcare plans have hearing aid coverage for 2023!

United Healthcare plans vary based on your employer, the state the plan is based out of, and what type of coverage you have.

The amount of benefit will depend on what type of plan you have. If your health insurance is through your employer, benefits are dependent on the individual plan. We’ve seen patients have full coverage towards hearing aids with these plans, though sometimes you must meet a deductible first.

Dual Medicare/Medicaid United Healthcare Plans (“Dual Complete”) plans have a $3,600 total hearing aid benefit which is available annually.

“The Empire Plan” is a United Healthcare plan for retirees and employees of New York State. It provides a $1,500 per ear hearing aid benefit, available every 48 months.

Medicare Advantage plans by United Healthcare or AARP often offer deep discounts on hearing aids.

Retiree plans through United Healthcare or UMR may have coverage through your union or former employer. Many times, these plans have coverage for hearing aids.

Our Palm Harbor and S. Pasadena offices in Pinellas County have credentialed hearing doctors for your UNHC hearing benefits. We at Gardner Audiology can help make sense of your insurance coverage for hearing aids. We invite you to make an appointment with our practice locations in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Hernando, Citrus or Marion Counties in Florida. Your first visit is complimentary, and our team will verify and review your benefits with you. Contact Gardner Audiology at (800) 277-1182 or email

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