Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids in Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater

Here at Gardner Audiology we are excited about the release of the new Phonak Marvel Hearing Aids. We are seeing more and more patients who are curious about the capabilities of these new devices.

What are the new features of this product?

Before the release of the new Phonak Marvel Android phone users needed extra equipment to hear phone calls through their Phonak aids. Android users can now stream their cell phone calls directly to both hearing aids without having to use an additional device. This hearing aid is also rechargeable. We have received great feedback from our patients about the convenience of rechargeability and would recommend looking into this feature to see if it is right for you.

Do you have an existing set of Phonak Hearing Aids?

Gardner Audiology sells and repairs Phonak Hearing aids. One of our Doctors of Audiology would be happy to evaluate and service your current Phonak hearing aids.

We can make fine tuning adjustments using Real Ear Measures to assure your hearing aids are fit correctly. Our in-house repair lab can often fix a Resound hearing aid on the same day.

Call us at 1-800-277-1182 or email us at to make your appointment!

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