Phonak Lumity Hearing Aid Review

Phonak’s newest hearing aid line is called the Lumity and features the updated AutoSense OS 5.0 and SmartSpeech Technology compared to their Paradise line. Both AutoSense OS 5.0 and SmartSpeech Technology make changes to the hearing aids to provide easier speech understanding. The ActiveVent receiver is compatible with the Lumity line and can provide more noise management in challenging situations in addition to the default settings. Bluetooth is a standard option with Phonak devices and is reliable for any smartphone device, especially with Android devices. 

The Lumity line offers multiple technology levels ranging from entry level (30) to premium (90) like in past lines. The entry level hearing aid is designed for very quiet lifestyle where background noise is not a major concern, whereas the premium aid is designed for very active lifestyles where background noise or challenging listening situations are present and distracting.  

The only products offered with Lumity platform is a rechargeable Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) or a rechargeable Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aid for adults. There is a Slim hearing aid available as well. For children, the Sky Lumity can be rechargeable or can use a disposable battery. Neutral colors and three fun colors are also offered with the Lumity line.  

For those with unilateral hearing loss or one ear that is considered “worse” than the other, the CROS device in the Lumity level will be available soon.  

Several patients who tried and kept the Lumity 50 said the clarity on the TV has improved significantly, they are able to understand their pastor, and they do not struggle hearing their grandchildren. One person stated they had an overall 90% improvement in hearing with the Lumity 70. Another person said there has been an overall 100% improvement when they are in a one-on-one conversation with the Lumity 50.  

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