Phonak Launches New CROS Paradise!

For patients with single-sided deafness, or significantly more hearing loss in one ear than the other, a CROS hearing aid system may be recommended.  A CROS picks up sound from the poorer ear, and transmits it wirelessly to be heard through a hearing aid in the better ear.  Phonak has always been a leading manufacturer in CROS technology until recent years.  Their last CROS hearing aid was released in the Beyond platform, and was not released for the popular Marvel.  Good news, is it is coming to the Paradise line! 

The Phonak Paradise features Bluetooth technology, allowing direct audio streaming to smartphones (both iPhone and Android), tablets, and some smart televisions.  The Phonak CROS P system will also offer this capability.  It is available in two models, a traditional battery operated and a rechargeable option.  It will have a small piece that sits behind the ear, with a thin tube that runs into the ear. 

Gardner Audiology is very excited to test this new technology.  Be on the lookout for a future review blog when the Doctors of Audiology at Gardner Audiology have had a chance to experience the new Phonak CROS P!  For more information, call 800-277-1182 or visit 

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