Phonak Hearing Aid Sales and Support in Clearwater, Florida

Phonak, one of the major hearing aid manufacturers, has many options available to improve your hearing. Known for having a variety of options to suite each individual’s needs, Phonak has just launched their newest addition: Phonak Marvel.

At Gardner Audiology in Clearwater, FL, we are looking forward to the new technology that the Marvel brings! Marvel is a bluetooth compatible hearing aid that connects directly to smartphones, bluetooth televisions, and a variety of other electronics.  The Marvel is compatible with both IOS and Android devices and offers streaming to both ears (an improvement over their previous model), as well as streaming of sound from your television using either bluetooth or a TV accessory if your TV is not bluetooth compatible.  It is also available in a rechargeable model, so you no longer have to worry about changing the batteries in your hearing aid!  With the Phonak Remote app, you are also able to adjust your settings directly from your phone.

If you already have Phonak hearing aids, we are also able to assist you with any programming needs you may have!  Using Real Ear Measurements (REM), we can determine if your current hearing aids are performing optimally, and if not, offer advice and suggestions to improve the way your hearing aids work for you.  We are also able to work with Phonak hearing aids purchased from Costco.

Do you have concerns about your Phonak hearing aids? If so, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email today so we can assist you with your hearing needs!

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