Phonak Hearing Aid Accessories Available in South Pasadena/St. Petersburg, Florida

Hearing aid accessories are available for a wide variety purposes and listening situations. For an additional cost, all of the major hearing aid manufacturers offer accessories to better improve the sound quality and ease of listening with your hearing aids! Listed below are a few of Phonak’s most popular accessories. 

-TV Connector: This can help patients who are still struggling with volume or clarity associated with watching TV. This device plugs directly into your TV at home and allows the audio to stream directly to your hearing aids.   

-Partner Mic: Patients will most often have their spouse wear this mic, whether it be in the house or in the car! This device is a remote microphone that someone can wear, and the conversation will stream straight to your hearing aids. This can help cut out some of the background noise, or make up for a decrease in volume if you and your conversation partner are further away from each other. 

-Roger devices: This is a more expensive FM system option that streams speech directly from the talker to your hearing aids. It is made available for all situations, students and business people alike! Roger comes as a pen, for individual talkers, a table mic, for larger groups or meetings, and a few other designs, as well! Perfect for tuning in to the speaker you need to listen to without picking up any side conversations. 

-Mini Charger/Power Pack: Standard Phonak charger cases do not hold a charge on their own, so patients have preferred the Mini Charger, since it does! It is also travel-sized, convenient for quick and easy packing if you are going on a trip. The Power Pack is similar, though it clips onto the bottom of the standard charger to allow it to hold a charge without being plugged in.  

Gardner Audiology in South Pasadena/St. Petersburg, Florida is able to work with all Phonak devices. If you are interested in Phonak hearing aids or accessories, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email to learn more. 


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