Phonak CROS Hearing Aid Review

CROS hearing aids are designed for patients that have single sided deafness, or one ear that is significantly worse than the other ear.  It takes sound from the poor ear, and wirelessly transmits it to another device that sits on the better ear.  This allows patients to pick up sound from their ‘bad’ side and have more sound awareness. 

Phonak was one of the first manufacturers to offer a CROS hearing aid system.  The Phonak CROS comes in multiple styles, including custom in-the-ear styles, which sets them apart from other manufacturers.  It is also available in a rechargeable battery option.  The Phonak CROS system has historically done well for patients, and features clear sound quality and durability. 

The main limitation we have found specifically for the Phonak CROS is it does not come in a phone compatible version.  Several other manufacturers offer CROS/BiCROS systems that have the ability to pair to smartphones for adjustments and media streaming.  

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