Persistence with hearing aids paid off for Gardner Audiology patient in Inverness, Florida

FS came into the Gardner Audiology Inverness office as part of a recent Open House. She was accompanied by her son. Both felt she had decreased hearing and were ready to pursue help. After some discussion, both she and her son decided she would trial a pair of Starkey Wi i70 Receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids as the television was a major concern and the son wanted her to have connectivity.
One week later she was fit and while she noted that she was hearing better, she was discouraged as she was having some difficulty with inserting the aids into her ear. The son was noticing the frustration and became less than optimistic that this was the solution to their problems. They were encouraged and follow up was scheduled one week later.

At her follow-up, she was all smiles (the son too). I asked her how the previous week went and she said “wonderful”. She was hearing her son, the TV and friends. FS’s son noted that the TV was now too low for him. No adjustments were made. When asked how insertion was going, she said better. FS’s second follow-up went the same. They said they did not believe they would need the TV streamer at this time because she was hearing the TV very well.

FS will pay this week and said she thrilled to be hearing so much better.

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