Some People Do Not Want or Need Expensive Hearing Aids

VB came to the Crystal River office of Gardner Audiology. She and her husband had been noticing gradual hearing difficulties and they wanted to have a hearing consultation. Although they knew she likely needed hearing aids, finances were a concern and had them putting the visit off. Testing revealed significant hearing impairment and options were discussed. They wanted her to try the least expensive hearing aids available first. If she did manage with the very basic aids, they would consider a trial with the next model above those aids.

VB was fitted with a set of Starkey Ariel behind the ear hearing aids. At her first follow up she expressed some frustration with hearing in a restaurant. We reviewed the lack of noise management features in the basic hearing aids and they left to consider options. Upon return the following week, they decided to continue with the current hearing aids, with price being a driving factor. Her husband felt she was hearing “60%” better than she was before being fitted. We discussed listening strategies to improve understanding. He had been guilty of talking to her as he was walking away, or from another room.

The next week, both were much happier with her hearing and understanding. Knowing the limits of her hearing loss and the hearing aids helped them to see the value in the hearing aids and they purchased them.

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