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Patient reviews of Phonak CROS Hearing Aid

Phonak’s CROS system is a great solution for patients who have one ear with normal hearing and one “unaidable” ear with hearing loss. A CROS system consists of two devices, one transmitter and one receiver. The transmitter is worn on the unaidable ear with hearing loss. The transmitter acts as a microphone, picks up the sound from the “bad” ear side and routes the signal wirelessly to the receiver, which is worn on the “good” ear. Phonak’s CROS system allows for patients to hear sound coming from all around them! 

Consumers have reported that the Phonak CROS system has allowed them to hear sound clearly without having to turn their “good” ear to what they want to hear! They are able to resume social activities without worrying about where they are sitting in a room or missing what may be coming from the “bad” ear side. The CROS balance feature, which can be activated on the devices by an audiologist, gives the Phonak CROS system user more control of how sounds from all around are interacting with each other. Using the CROS balance feature has been easy for users as it only requires a single button push on the side where the user would like to hear more from. 

 Are you interested in learning more about Phonak’s CROS system? Gardner Audiology works with all major hearing aid manufacturers, including Phonak. Our Doctors of Audiology will be more than happy to talk to you more about hearing aid options such as the CROS! To make an appointment, visit Gardner Audiology, call 1-800-277-1182, or go online to 

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