Patient happy with new Starkey Halo hearing aids

Recently I had the pleasure of working with a patient, M.A, in our Tampa Citrus Park location. Mr. M.A. is a current patient of Gardner Audiology who was wearing 3 year old Starkey 3 Series i110 hearing aids. At one of his regular maintenance visits, he asked if there was any new technology out that may benefit him. Mr. M.A. had been struggling to hear, especially his wife and on the phone. Since Mr. M.A. had difficulty talking on his cell phone, we asked if he would be interested in the Starkey HaloIQ i2400 hearing aids, which are iPhone compatible and allow you to hear phone calls straight through your hearing aids. Mr. M.A. did not have an iPhone, but was willing to upgrade to try out this new technology. At the fitting, Mr. M.A. was blown away by how well he could hear, even just in the office. His wife noticed an immediate improvement in their conversations. He was also excited about the capabilities with his iPhone and could not get over how clear phone calls were coming through his hearing aids. Mr. M.A. is very happy he decided to try new technology. At Gardner Audiology, we focus on helping each patient individually so they can have the best possible outcome.

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