Pasco Resident’s Hearing Changed as Well as Her Hearing Aid Needs From Gardner

JT is a Zephyrhills patient of Gardner Audiology. She has been wearing 6 year old entry level mini behind the ear hearing aids that she has done well with. Recently she came in because she has been having more difficulty understanding in noisier environments. Her hearing aids were adjusted properly, so she opted to trial a set of hearing aids with better noise management.

JT was fitted with a set of Starkey 3 Series 110 receiver in the canal hearing aids as part of our consumer research study of that technology. She reported an immediate improvement in clarity while sitting in my office. After wearing for a week, we added a second memory to address slight difficulty in very noisy restaurants. One week later she returned reporting improvements in all listening situations and she purchased the aids.

Over the year JT’s hearing needs had changed. While basic hearing aids served their purpose for several years, general changes in hearing and processing abilities demanded new requirements that her old hearing aids could not meet. New technology is allowing JT to function in her social situations, once again.

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