Seeking New and Experienced Hearing Aid Users

I would like to loan you a set of Starkey Evolv hearing aids in exchange for your opinion.

Starkey invented the Evolv hearing aids for those who want understandable sound quality in noise. In addition, they invented a smart phone app that optimizes your ability to manipulate the sound quality. Depending on the model of your smart phone, music and voice calls will transmit through the aids.

CEO Dan Gardner

I’ve been wearing the Evolv hearing aids and can confidently say that you don’t need to fiddle with the app because it optimizes the prescription automatically.

We are seeking new and experienced hearing aid users to field study this new invention. Participants will receive free loaner aids, a free Doctor exam and follow-up care. Your only obligation is to complete a post-fitting survey. Deadline for participation is November 18th, 2022.

– Dan Gardner CEO (Gardner Audiology)

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Custom all in the ear models are available for those who qualify.

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