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Palm Harbor Hearing Doctor is Expert in Rechargeable Hearing Aids.

One of the best advancements with hearing aids in the last few years is rechargeable hearing aid batteries!  A highly requested upgrade, manufacturers finally listened and developed a reliable, long-lasting battery! 

Rechargeable hearing aids have been around for quite some time, but old technology meant they often only lasted 8 hours a day, and their overall lifespan was very short.  These limitations meant they were not a good fit for the majority of people wearing hearing aids.  Now, hearing aids feature the same battery that is in your cellphone, a lithium-ion battery.  These batteries will hold a charge up to 20 hours a day, and last 3-5 years!  With such a major improvement, the Doctors of Audiology at Gardner Audiology feel confident recommending this technology to their patients. With no more batteries to change, hearing aids are that much easier to use! 

The Doctors at Gardner Audiology in Palm Harbor, Florida are experts in all things rechargeable!  To schedule an appointment, call 800-277-1182 or visit 

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Dr. Rachel Conter, Gardner Audiologist

Dr. Rachel Conter, Gardner Audiologist

Gardner Audiologist
Dr. Rachel Conter, Gardner Audiologist

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