Overview of MyPhonak – The Smartphone App for Phonak Hearing Aids

Most hearing aids available today are compatible with smartphones. All of the major hearing aid manufacturers have developed a smartphone app for remote control purposes for hearing aid users! If you are an iPhone user, you will be able to get the most out of your remote-control app no matter which manufacturer your hearing aids came from. If you are an Android user, Phonak is going to be your best option to get full functionality of out your remote-control app! 

Unlike other manufacturers, The MyPhonak app works beautifully with both iPhones and Android smartphones. An added bonus – connecting your Phonak hearing aids to your smartphone, whether it be an iPhone or Android, will allow you to stream phone calls directly to your hearing aids! You can even answer, end, or reject phone calls with a simple click of a button on the hearing aids.  

As far as app features go, the MyPhonak app is comparable to other manufacturers. Hearing aid users have access to volume control, program/setting changes, and even an equalizer to help with more challenging environments you may not find yourself in often. What is nice about the MyPhonak app, is that there are preset programs – whether you need more clarity, if you are focusing on the TV or music, or if you’re in a restaurant.  

Phonak providers have offered services through telehealth in the past, but Phonak’s recent app update has simplified that process. In the past, there were several steps that both the patient and provider needed to go through before establishing a connection for the appointment. Now, it is as simple as the provider initiating the appointment. Once the notification has been opened, the appointment is basically a video call. During this call, the provider has the ability to make real-time adjustments for the patient without the patient needing to leave home! 

Overall, the MyPhonak app is very user friendly, and the latest app updates have made the experience even easier for patients! If you are interested in learning more about Phonak hearing aids, or what your Phonak hearing aids can do with your smartphone, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182, or visit gardneraudiology.com to schedule an appointment.  

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