Over The Counter Hearing Aids Pros and Cons

Do you have issues hearing the tv or a conversation across the room? You may have mild to moderate hearing loss. If this is accurate, over-the-counter hearing aids might be an option for you. Let’s discuss your options when it comes to hearing aids.

What are over-the-counter hearing aids?

Over-the-counter hearing aids help to amplify sound. Individuals with moderate to mild hearing loss often use them. People use them to amplify the sound from their tv or telephone. Eliminating the need to put the phone on speaker every time someone calls you. These types of hearing aids are cheaper compared to prescription hearing aids. You can buy them online or in the store instead of visiting the doctor. Over-the-counter hearing aids come in several options. The University of Harvard’s Health Department recommends choosing one with customizable volume, several microphones, and noise cancellation. Our team will answer any questions you have on over-the-counter hearing aids. 

What do you get with prescribed hearing aids?

You get hearing exams and professional adjustments with a prescribed hearing aid. A visit to the doctor will help you understand what frequency levels you have issues hearing. They will determine what type of hearing aid you need. Then your hearing aids get programmed to fit your needs. The doctor that you visit can also make adjustments for you if your hearing changes over time. 

Plus, the hearing aid you receive must have approval from the FDA. It will also be custom-designed to fit your ears. Read our products page to see doctor reviews of popular hearing aid brands.

What are the differences?

Over-the-counter hearing aids are not custom fit for your ears. They are not approved by the FDA yet. But there are several safe options to use if you know what to look for in a hearing aid. Store hearing aids should be more available later this summer once the FDA approves them. It will be a more affordable option for the cost of the hearing aid alone. But you will want to do your research ahead of time. 

Prescribed hearing aids have a higher upfront cost compared to over-the-counter options. The higher price will result in a hearing aid designed for you. These products have more features available to use. If you have severe hearing issues, you will want to get prescribed hearing aids.

Both hearing aid options can be beneficial depending on your situation. Gardner Audiology will help you in your search for the right choice. Our team has been helping patients with hearing solutions for over 37 years. If you live in the Tampa Bay Florida area, contact Gardner Audiology by calling 1-800-277-1182 or text 1-813-265-2255 for more information.




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