Oticon Sensei Hearing Aid Buddies

Oticon Sensei Hearing Aid Buddies

Leandro is a five year old patient of Dr. Angela Schenk, a Gardner Audiologist in Citrus County, Florida.

Dr. Schenk had him scheduled to be fitted with red colored Oticon Sensei Behind the Ear hearing aids. She was surprised to have an extra visitor during that appointment. Leandro brought his Oticon Sensei Bear and it was also wearing red colored hearing aids.

The bear was a gift to Leandro from Oticon. He also got the gift of better hearing on that visit with Dr. Schenk.

Leandro and his parents chose Oticon hearing aids because they had previous experience with them. They also like the fact that a tiny red flashing light alerts them to change the batteries and they had a choice of colors.

The Florida Hearing Aid for Children Act was recently proposed by Senators Dennis Baxley and Keith Perry. The House Bill is sponsored by Representatives Shawn Harrison (Tampa), Kristen Jacobs (Broward and Palm Beach) Amy Mercado (Orlando) and Bobby Olszewski (Orlando).

The Hearing Care for Children Act would mandate private insurances in the state of Florida to cover hearing aids for children ages 0-21. We encourage all families to contact their senators and share their opinion on this bill. You can locate yours by going to Flsenate.gov or myfloridahouse.gov.

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