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Oticon More Hearing Aid in Zephyrhills, FL

Do you have difficulty listening to speech in a noisy environment with your current hearing aids? If so, then you are in luck with Oticon’s newest hearing aids that can help you!   

Oticon’s latest and greatest hearing aid is called the Oticon More. This hearing aid is operated under a powerful platform called BrainHearing, which gives the patients’ brain more relevant informationThis means the patient will receive up to 30% more sounds to the brain and up to a 25% increase in speech understanding with significantly reduced listening effort. This new improvement helps users understand conversation better in challenging listening environments.     

The new built-in lithium-ion battery makes the Oticon More rechargeable, and Oticon provides you a charging station that, in three hours, can charge the hearing aids for a full day of power.  In addition, a quick 30 minutes charge will provide you 6 hours of hearing aid use. You will never have to change batteries again!   

Would you like to try the Oticon More? Give us a call to make your appointment with a Doctor of Audiology in Zephyrhills office today at 813-782-5395 or email 

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Neil Vanchipurakel, B.S. – Doctoral Extern

Neil Vanchipurakel, B.S. – Doctoral Extern

Neil Vanchipurakel, B.S. – Doctoral Extern

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