Exclusive Clearwater Oticon
Hearing Aid Prices

Expires November 15, 2019

Prices honored at St. Pete and Pasadena locations.

We offer courtesy one-on-one consultations with a Doctor of Audiology in Clearwater. When shopping for hearing aids, see a doctor, not a salesman.

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Oticon Models and Prices

(Receiver in the Canal)
We also have low prices on other Oticon styles and models. Contact us for those prices.

Basic Technology

OPN S3 – $1,350

Advanced Technology

OPN S2 – $1,690 

Premium Technology

OPN S1 –  $2,250

Rechargeable models add $100 per ear, custom earmolds add $80 per ear.
High power receiver-in-the-canal ear molds add $150 per ear.

All purchases include:

Doctor of Audiology evaluation, fit and follow up care.

Three Year Warranty

Unlimited Office Visits

For 90 days after hearing aid purchase.

Free Trial

No purchase required.

Yearly Evaluations

Ensure your hearing aids are still optimized for you.

Patients share their experience

We love hearing from our patients and want to share their success stories. 

“I would like to send a huge thank you to Gardner Audiology, Dr. Lauren Benoit, and the entire staff for their professional and friendly treatment. Once it was determined how much hearing had been lost, they stepped me through all the available options to help me decide what brand of hearing aids best suited my needs. Now after having them for a couple of weeks, it’s amazing to find out how much I had missed. My wife wants to send her thanks, as well!”
Mr. Beach
“I have been to several other places and the price was phenomenal. I am very happy. The price was reasonable and I would recommend their services to anyone. Ashley was very patient with the change I had to make from other hearing aids to help me hear better.”
Ms. Piper
“The price through my insurance was great, but that is not what mattered to me…it’s the results. And the result has been dramatic! It was amazing just walking outside and hearing the traffic! I couldn’t hear that with my old hearing aid. The difference between my old hearing aid and new one has been dramatic and I have been very pleased!”
Mr. Sandone

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We are Doctors, not salesmen, who are dedicated to improving people’s lives with the best possible hearing through compassion, innovation, and expertise in all aspects of hearing healthcare.


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