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Optimum Health Medicare Hearing Aid Providers in Dunnellon, FL

Did you know Optimum Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plans such as HMO or PPO offer hearing aid coverage? Both of these plans provide discounted hearing aid pricing and additional benefits. Your audiologist at Gardner Audiology is given the pricing for all major hearing aid manufacturers and will offer you the necessary pricing to pick out the best hearing aids for you.    

Optimum Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans contract with a third-party company called HearUSA to provide you with discounted hearing aids. These plans have high-level technology that can accommodate your hearing loss and lifestyle. From fast charging to controlling hearing aid volume from your phone, you get these technologies from fractions to no out-of-pocket cost with Optimum Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans. HearUSA offers a 30-day trial, which means you can return or exchange hearing aids within the trial period. In addition, if you decide to keep your non-rechargeable hearing aids, then HearUSA will mail you ONE-YEAR worth of battery supply!   

Gardner Audiology in Dunnellon, FL, is an authorized and in-network provider for the Optimum Health Medicare Advantage plan, and we would be happy to discuss your benefits with you! Make your appointment today at 1-800-277-1182 or email for more information. 

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Neil Vanchipurakel, B.S. – Doctoral Extern

Neil Vanchipurakel, B.S. – Doctoral Extern

Neil Vanchipurakel, B.S. – Doctoral Extern

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