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New Year, New 2022 Insurance Benefits for Hearing?

The new year is here and that could mean new insurance benefits are available for hearing aids.  Depending on your insurance plan, you may be eligible.  Some plans renew annually while others may renew every two or three years.  At Gardner Audiology, we work with nearly all insurance companies. Prior to your appointment, our insurance team will verify your insurance information to determine if any options are available to you for hearing aids through your insurance plan.   

Before receiving new hearing aids, our Doctors of Audiology will perform a comprehensive hearing evaluation.  This assessment will determine whether or not you have hearing loss and if hearing aids would be beneficial.  Based on the test results, the audiologist may make recommendations for hearing aids, if needed, based on your lifestyle.  If you’re interested in hearing aids and an insurance benefit is available to you, your audiologist will also have information regarding the options provided to you by your insurance, which would include pricing for hearing aids.  If you are not eligible for new hearing aids through your insurance but are interested in pursuing hearing aids, our audiologists can discuss other options available as well, which could include our budget friendly hearing aid.   

Start off the new year with Gardner Audiology! Appointments can be scheduled online or by phone.  Contact us at 800-277-1182 or visit   

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Caroline Wagner, B.S., Gardner Audiology Doctoral Extern

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