In Network BlueCross BlueShield Hearing Aid Providers in Crystal River, Dunnellon and Inverness.

Benefits for hearing aids are specific to your BlueCross BlueShield insurance plan and can be structured in a few different ways. These benefits can include monetary contributions towards hearing aids, discount plans, or privately labeled hearing aids. For example, with monetary contribution, your insurance provides an allotted amount towards a hearing aid of your choosing which is then fit by a participating provider. BlueCross BlueShield can also work with Gardner’s credentialed doctors through a third-party company. With this structure you may receive a discount on hearing aids through Gardner, or the option to purchase discounted BCBS private label hearing aids

In our north Florida offices located in Crystal River, Dunnellon and Inverness, we often find that many of our patients are uncertain about what hearing aid coverage their plan provides. An insurance expert here at Gardner Audiology can help to determine your potential hearing aid coverage.

When you arrive at your first appointment at Gardner Audiology a doctor of audiology will explain your benefit and discuss treatment options that fit your hearing needs. Our number one goal is to keep you informed and provide you with choices!

If you live in Dunnellon, Inverness, or Crystal River call 1-800-277-1182 To schedule your free consultation with a Doctor of Audiology. You could also ask for an appointment online by mailing

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