My Ear Rings, My hearing is down and I’m Dizzy! Could it be a Tumor

An acoustic neuroma is a condition that can cause dizziness, tinnitus (noises in the ear), and gradual hearing loss. An acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor that typically originates from the hearing and balance nerve. It is non-life threatening, but can cause aggravating symptoms!

One in every 100,000 people are diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma. An acoustic neuroma typically occurs in one ear, but it is possible for it to occur in both. It is caused by the overproduction of special cells that normally function to insulate the hearing and balance nerve. If it grows large enough, an acoustic neuroma may also affect nearby nerves such as the facial nerve, and cause symptoms such as tingling in the face.

Acoustic neuromas are diagnosed with a full and proper case history and tests including a comprehensive hearing evaluation, vestibular (balance) evaluation, and imaging. From there, patients with an acoustic neuroma may have several options for treatment, such as surgical removal, radiation, or monitoring of the tumor with the management of hearing and/or balance symptoms. Management of hearing loss from an acoustic neuroma can sometimes be achieved with hearing aids.

The Doctors at Gardner Audiology are qualified to perform comprehensive hearing evaluations as well as balance evaluations to help in diagnosing or ruling out an acoustic neuroma. For more information about acoustic neuromas, make an appointment by visiting, or calling 1(800)-277-1182.

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